Ameiko Kaijitsu

Owner & Proprietor of the Rusty Dragon tavern


She is a beautiful Huamn of Xian Tia origin. Seeming to sport a different exotic hairstyle every day, she can be found at the Rusty Dragon, swapping tales of adventurer.


The owner of the largest and most prosperous tavern in Sandpoint, Ameiko is a former adventurer. He decision to enter that most dangerous profession nearly scandalized her famous family, but it was her return that seems to have been the most controversial.

No one knows why the rich and successful adventurer decided to come back to Sandpoint and purchase the Rusty Dragon, but her family seems to have shunned her for it. Ameiko doesn’t care though, and welcomes adventurers to her establishment with a discount policy to all who can tell a great story of their travels.

Recently, the party was approached by one of her employees, Bethana Corwin, with news that Ameiko has been uncharacteristically missing for over a day. Her disappearance was accompanied by a note, which appears to have been written by none other than her half-brother Lonjiku who was banished from Sandpoint shortly after their mother’s death some six years ago.

The party is currently searching for Ameiko at their family’s business, the glassworks.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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